Corporate Wellness Solutions was created in an effort to engage organisations and individuals to lead healthier lifestyles.  It is through efforts of creativity and passion of the directors that we have built a centre and programs that will help influence this.

We believe that CWS will provide positive changes for anyone who is directly and indirectly involved with our centre or programs.  Our vision is to build strong healthy people who understand the importance of a healthy home / work life balance.  Through guidance, support and education we will fulfil the desires and needs of our clients to create healthier lifestyle experiences and ultimately, behavioural change.

At CWS we offer a unique health and wellness facility that caters not only for organisations, but also specific individual needs from beginners to advanced athletes.  Complementing the gym floor is a group fitness studio that has exclusive group training programs that you will not find in New Zealand.

We specialise in Corporate Health and Wellness with over 10 different programs designed to provide positive changes throughout organisations.  We pride ourselves on delivering an experience like no other and have systems in place that will take client care to the next level in the Health and Wellness industry.