The idea of changing your life, shedding those kilos and gaining fitness can seem like a daunting prospect, but without question the biggest challenge is simply getting started.

We've designed our 12-week transformation package to kick-start your company's fitness campaign. Scaled to your company's fitness levels, the 12-week program will increase your base fitness, give you an insight in to the types of training that will best benefit your team, and educate your employees on the foods they need to be eating to fuel their bodies.

Our aim throughout the 12 week period of this challenge is to educate your employees and provide them with the necessary tools required to achieve an outstanding lifestyle. This challenge is a structured healthy lifestyle program that will include an eating and exercise guide to alleviate our biggest challenges and create fitter, stronger, healthier people.

How the challenge works:

The following areas can be taken into consideration when deciding on your Transformation winner. These areas can be defined by the employer and employees.

•             Visual transformation.

•             Personal Health Assessment results comparison week 0 and week 12.

•             Goal setting and achievements.

•             Weight loss / gain – percentage based.

•             Girth measurements.

•             12 week challenge story.

We will cover the following areas in the initial seminar:

•             Introduction.

•             Goal setting.

•             How to use your Lifestyle Diary.

•             Q & A’s.

•             Your PHA report.

•             Blood pressure test.

•             Initial weigh in.

•             Girth measurements.

•             Photos.

Weigh In & Girth Measurements

The weigh in will be conducted at weeks 0, 4, 8 and 12. Girth measurements will also be recorded at the same session as another tool to indicate your results achieved from the challenge. We can add a personal trainer aspect to the trainer for greater results.

Blood Pressure

Blood pressure testing at weeks 0 and 12 will help to identify risk factors that may require further attention from your General Practitioner.

Personal Health Assessment (PHA)

Participants will be required to fill out a PHA online. We will provide you with a personalised report on potential health and lifestyle risks where unhealthy behaviour is present. This report will be used as a benchmark to measure your behavioural change throughout the 12 weeks as you will be required to complete the PHA again on completion of the challenge.

CWS Lifestyle Booklet

This booklet provides information and guidance in areas addressed in the PHA including nutrition, exercise, sleep, hydration, alcohol, smoking & stress.

Lifestyle Diary

The Lifestyle Diary is a personal tool that you use to set goals, record training and nutritional information and reflect on the weeks past.  If used correctly you will begin to understand what has helped or stopped you from achieving your goals throughout the program.  All weigh ins, measurements and blood pressure tests can be kept in this diary for future reference. At the back of your diary there is an area “My 12 Week Journey – Challenges & Triumphs” for you to write about your experience, challenges and triumphs. This will need to be completed before the day of your final weigh in as your diary will be collected at the end of the challenge. Your before and after photos will be added to your diary and returned at the awards ceremony.

Cooking Guide to Better Health

Based on the most recent research, this information, advice and recipes are put together for a healthy eating pattern, and to give the information needed to live a healthy lifestyle. This book focuses on nutrient-dense foods and beverages that contribute to achieving and maintaining a healthy weight.

Weekly Newsletter

As part of the challenge you will receive a weekly newsletter with information on nutrition, sleep, stress, exercise and other lifestyle factors.


In a matter of weeks you'll feel like a new person! You'll lose bodyfat, build strength and increase your self-confidence.