Rachael Sexton (Overall winner)

What are the biggest lifestyle changes you made while participating the challenge?

Committing to a routine and staying on track with training and healthy food choices.

What are the benefits you got from making these lifestyle changes?
Built muscle, reduced weight and felt the best I have in years.

What inspired you to take on the challenge and keep going with it?
I wanted to win. Plus the results were great which pushed me to keep with the clean eating

If you trained with a fitness professional, what was your experience like?
Having trained with Paul for 7 years, I knew that he was focused and would push me to my limit. I guess I didn’t realise how much he would amp up the training when I had made the decision to change my lifestyle and improve my fitness and image. But I am glad the weights were heavier, the circuits more intense because I would not have achieved the results I did without the support and guidance from Paul. Also a major influence on my food plan and designing a plan that suits me and I find easy to stick to. And being a bit of a counselor when I had my meltdowns!

How was this experience different from past challenges or personal health and fitness programmes?
Had never done a challenge before. Had been told for years what to do to gain positive results. Took all the advice on board this time.

Would you recommend CWS and the next 12-week challenge to friends and family?

If you could sum up the 3 top positive changes, what would they be?
- Feeling healthier
- Reducing weight
- Knowing I can do anything I put my mind to

Rachael Sexton (Overall winner)

Corporate Wellness Solutions were able to guide me through the change process through exercise, diet and injury recovery, and in my case have been wholly successful.

 The gym is different to others in that it’s inviting due to its size and the quality of equipment and seems particularly suited to members seeking an alternative e to the large franchise type options. I felt very comfortable working out even from day one of my exercise regime.

Darren Johnson

General Manager

Vision Systems

Abbott Insurance Brokers have been using Corporate Wellness Solutions for the last 18 months for group fitness services. We have found Paul, Aidan and the team to be very professional and they have set up a great programme for our company.

Our staff have enjoyed and benefited from the programmes and we can highly recommend their services.

Stuart Speirs


Abbott Insurance Brokers Ltd

Being a member of gyms across Sydney, Brisbane and Christchurch for many years, Corporate Wellness Solutions is the first one I actually look forward to going to.

I have met some fantastic people, trained hard-out, participated in great challenges, laughed so much and always feel like I’m being constructively pushed to achieve my wellbeing and fitness goals.

Melissa Davis
Business Coach


For me personally it has been very beneficial and by far the most rewarding of the ‘Wellness Initiatives’ that I have participated in. My pantry filled tummy has reduced (I have started wearing a smaller belt), I am fitter (I knocked a third of my original fitness test time last Tuesday and improved again when I gave Robbie support at his belated fitness test today) and I believe that I have lost circa 6kg over the past 6 weeks of training



 I found the box fit extremely useful and rewarding, and feel like I have more energy. My fitness has increased drastically since starting the sessions and I feel better in myself and like the “calm buzz” you get following a hard workout. I liked the mix of activities to prevent the gym boredom, but did favour the boxing and padwork in particular. Exercising in a group with a trainer provided more interest, incentive and competitive drive to push myself and  improve.



I thoroughly enjoyed the classes and found being in a team / group environment that we did drove me to perform and to be honest broke me through the barrier to get into it. That first session was HARD and the days followed were worse.

In saying this I really felt a new level of energy and would love to be a part of it for 2014.

 I did notice a difference between Lauren and Tess in terms of their training styles, both were excellent. I enjoyed the general cardio.



 I enjoyed the sessions and feel that my fitness has improved heaps. I found the box fit sessions were the best but enjoyed a mix

The fitness test at the start was incredibly cruel but to find that I had improved my time by 6 minutes was great



I initially signed up for box-fit and after the first session, wasn’t sure I would either enjoy, or benefit from the mix of circuit/box.

I thoroughly enjoyed the sessions...including the stretch session, (That some weren’t in love with!) and was surprised with the reduction in time for the final assessment.....in only 6 weeks.

 It was also great to train in a friendly and safe environment, and to have permission to train at the times we did. The facilities were great too.




Fletcher Construction Management Team - 6 week Corporate Training Block

Mitch has run a number of five block sessions for us and he made each session different and catered for all fitness levels. His professionalism mixed with his sense of humour pushed us to increase our fitness levels and general confidence. Everyone enjoyed the sessions and would thoroughly recommend them to anyone for not only increasing your fitness but also as a team building exercise as it bought us together as a team.

Awesome!! Thanks Mitch.



Heather from ASB