Welcome to the Corporate Wellness Solutions Lifestyle 12 week foundation training plan. This training program is created with over ten years experience in the health and fitness industry.

In order to truly achieve amazing results in any area of your life you must have a solid foundation of planning, acting and reflecting on tasks. In these 12 weeks we will spend time setting weekly, monthly and 12 weekly goals. These are extensive goal setting sessions with checklists and time to reflect on the weeks past. You will learn to understand what obstacles have stopped you in the past and how  to put systems in place so they won’t in the future.

A chemical imbalance test and extensive postural assessment is very important in any foundation phase in order to have you feeling the best you possibly can. The chemical imbalance test will show us how we can create more of the feel good chemicals inside the body and how to get rid of the ones that make us feel bad.

Postural assessment is critical to show us what muscle imbalances and weaknesses we have in the body that are restricting us from performing tasks to the best of our ability. The exercises we perform will be performed at a higher level with a good foundation.

Measurements will be done at weeks 1, 4, 8 and 12. Constant assessment is critical to achieving the best results. This lets us know that the direction we are taking with our exercise is on the right track.

The resistance training and cardio exercises are all cutting edge exercises that are guaranteed to turn your body into a fitter stronger better you. Variation is the key to any good training regime so continual progressions in exercises are essential.

Take this program on with two hands and really enjoy the journey.

How can you join?

Contact Kaitlin for details about the next boot camp.
022 437 9107 kaitlin@corporatewellness.net.nz