The Womens Wellness program focuses on improving health and wellness by targeting positive life style behaviours including exercise, healthy eating, stress management and sleep.
This program caters for all levels of fitness, abilities and ages 15 - 65
Clients will feel valued, empowered and will discover a new found love of life.

This program aims to:

  •   Provide information and practical resources to promote a healthier lifestyle
  •   Work towards a holistic result
  •   Improve fitness and strength
  •   Promote healthier eating and weight management
  •   Promote strong bones, a healthy heart, and reduce risk of illness
  •   Improve sleep and stress management
  •   Set realistic and achievable short and long term goals 
  •   Surround you with like-minded women to widen your network of support
  •   Create new habits to continue your success long after your event / honeymoon period
  •   Boost self-confidence by making you look and feel better
  •   Increase your cardiovascular and strength endurance
How the program works
  • 6 Week Program
  • 2 times per week 
  • 8-12 women small group sessions
  • State-of-the-art Corporate Wellness Gym facility once per week, outdoor locations once per week
  • Circuit Training
  • Interval training
  • Tabata
  • Boxing

Registerations Now Open! For Program Starting July 4th, 2017.

How can you join?

Contact Kaitlin for details about the next boot camp.
022 437 9107

Testimonial: Holly Baxter

I have been going to Corporate Wellness Solutions for 2 years now. The gym and trainers are amazing and so incredibly supportive. In August 2013 I joined a group of ladies through the gym and started a Women’s Bootcamp called Look Good, Feel Beautiful.

After signing up for the boot camp sessions I have a very different attitude toward exercising. Now I can't get enough. I enjoy exercising and if I miss a day I can't wait to get back.